SnoFile NameSubject Release Date
1 G.O.Ms.No. 118 (CSSR Rates) New CSSR Rates for 2014-1529-OCT-2014
2 G.O.MS.No. 134 Sanction of IWMP Batch-VI (2014-15) 59 Projects for treatment of 2,24,518 Ha Area in 9 Districts of the State.10-SEP-2014
3 G.O.MS.No. 118 NREGS-AP and other Developmental Schemes-Revision of Rural Standard Schedule Rates 2014-1528-JUL-2014
4 G.O.MS.No. 118 NREGS-AP and other Developmental Schemes-Revision of Rural Standard Schedule Rates 2014-1528-JUL-2014
5 G.O.Ms.No. 118 (RSSR Rates) New RSSR Rates for 2014-1528-JUL-2014
6 GO No 396 Sanction of 97 Projects for treatment of 4,07,077 ha. area in 10 districts of the State – G.O Ms.No 371 dt:1.8.2013 – amendments issued..03-SEP-2013
7 GO No 371 Sanction of 97 Projects for treatment of 4,07,077 ha. area in 10 Districts of the State.01-AUG-2013
8 Go No 346 Rural Development Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP).Sanction of 98 Projects for treatment of 4,05,870 HA.Area in 12 districts of the State.17-OCT-2012
9 GO No.150 Sanction of 1,657 micro watersheds for treatment of 7,47,117 ha. Area in 12 districts of the State,Order,Issued30-JUN-2011
10 GO No.110 Convergence with Community managed sustainable agriculture (CMSA) under the productivity enhancement component - orders - issued.13-MAY-2011
11 GO No.333 Involvement of Voluntary Organizations as Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs) under New Common Guidelines 2009-10, Amendment-Orders - Issued.21-SEP-2010
12 GO No.328 Sanction of 1,911 microwatersheds for treatment of 7,40,899 ha. area in 12 districts of the State - Orders - Issued.16-SEP-2010
13 GO No.308 Involvement of Voluntary Organisations as Project Implementation Agencies (PIAs) under New Common Guidelines 2009-10 - Orders - Issued19-AUG-2010
14 GO No 338 Department of Land Resource, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India have issued the new watershed guidelines combining the DPAP/DDP and IWDP programmes.06-SEP-2008
15 GO No 313 Release of funds directly to District Water Management Agencies.19-AUG-2008
16 GO No.303 Common Guidelines for Watershed Development Projects 2008 - IWMP - Constitution of State Level Nodal Agency (SLNA) - Certain Amendment - Orders - Issued.06-AUG-2008
17 GO No 238 Common Guideliness for Watershed Development Projects,2008 Integrated Watershed Management Programme - Constitution of State Level Nodal Agency (SLNA) Orders Issued.04-JUL-2008
SnoFile NameSubject Release Date
1 Cir.No.102/PSI/B-V Issue of comprehensive guidelines for Batch - V Project under PSI27-APR-2018
2 Cir.No.32/PSI/AP Issue of guidelines on action plan for the year 2018-19 under PSI17-APR-2018
3 Cir.No.114/PSI/Guidelines Issue of reiteration of guidelines for grounding of activities under PSI03-JAN-2018
4 Cir.No.118/PSI/Bullock carts Issue on release of software patch for purchase of Bullock carts03-JAN-2018
5 Cir.No.32/PSI/Fund utilisation Revised guidelines on fund utilisaiton under PSI16-OCT-2017
6 Cir.No.118/PSI/NADEP Issue of further guidelines on NADEP Pits12-OCT-2017
7 Cir.No.118/PSI/NADEP Circular on issue of general guidelines for NADEP Compost pits29-SEP-2017
8 Cir.No.31 RD - SLNA - Further guidelines on convergence with AH Department11-MAR-2017
9 Cir.No.31 RD - SLNA - Guidelines on convergence with Animal Husbandry Department for identification of interventions10-MAR-2017
10 Circular No.102 RD-SLNA-IWMP-Implementation of PSI Activities-Convergence with Line Departments-Revised Guide lines on Fund Utilisation - Issued 29-OCT-2015
11 Circular No.124 RD-SLNA-IWMP-Implementation of IWMP Projects Under Pradhan Mantri Krishee Sinchayee Yojana-Certain Guide lines in Inplementation - Issued 29-OCT-2015
12 Circular No 120/SLNA/IWMP-PSI/Sericulture RD-SLNA-IWMP-PSI-Sericulture-Implementation of Sericulture Schemes in Convergence with IWMP-Propsals for Sanction of Funds Under PSI13-OCT-2015
13 Circular No 114/SLNA/IWMP-PSI/ATP RD-SLNA-IWMP-PSI Reiteration of PSI Guide lines13-OCT-2015
14 Circular No.63/SLNA/ICB/APDs RD-SLNA Entrusting Full Fledged Responsibility to Asst.Project Directors to Monitor IWMP Implementation.24-JUN-2015
15 Circular No.12/SLNA/ICB/BATCH V RD-IWMP Deputation of Senior Staff from Old IWMP Districts to ITDAs/DWMAs Implementing IWMP Batch V Projects for One month to Support17-JUN-2015
16 Circular No.77 RD-Water Conservation-Documentation of the Works (photos & videos) Before,During and After09-JUN-2015
17 Circular No.140 RD-SLNA-IWMP-Construction of RFDs,LDs with Local Labour instead of Engaging Labour for Other Districts.09-JUN-2015
18 Circular No.140/IWMP/NRM/2015 RD-SLNA-IWMP-Farm Pond Machines with other Farmers Not Taken Up under IWMP09-JUN-2015
19 Circular No.126/SLNA/IWMP/NRM/2013 RD-SLNA IWMP-Implementation of IWMP Watersheds in Ap-Ensuring Quality of NRM Works-Quality Assurance equipment and Tools-Procurment of Other QA tools31-MAY-2015
20 Circular No.73/SLNA/ICB RD-SLNA Follow Up of Review Meeting of APD (CB)/ Course Directors of DLRCs & CLRCs,DWMAs and TOs of ITDAs at SLNA.27-APR-2015
21 Circular No.12 RD-IWMP-Follow Up of Review Meeting of P O,ITDAs,PD,DWMA and Addl PDs (WS)20-MAR-2015
22 Circular No.140/IWMP/STE(NRM)/2014 RD-SLNA-IWMP-Farm Pond Machines with other Farmers Not Taken Up under IWMP20-OCT-2014
23 Circular No.26/SLNA/ICB/BATCH-VI/2014 RD-IWMP-Action Plan and Time frame for grounding of the IWMP 2014-15 Watershed Projects.18-SEP-2014
24 Circular No.61/SLNA/ICB/2014 RD- SLNA – Positioning & utilizing services of Watershed Point persons as resource persons in watershed villages & their payment terms31-JUL-2014
25 Circular No.108/SLNA/STE NRM RD-IWMP implementation of IWMP Watersheds in AP-Appointment of Junior Engineers in IWMP-Providing Furnitures to JEs.31-MAY-2014
26 Circular No.126/SLNA/QA Tools RD-Statments Showing the Usage of QA Tools Work Wise,Capture Of GPs Coordinates and Legend of Works.31-MAY-2014
27 Circular No 9 Implementation of IWMP Watersheds in AP-Ensuring Quality of NRM Works-Quality Assurance Equipment & Tools-Procurement of GPS Instruments.11-APR-2014
28 Circular No 126 Ensuring Quality of NRM Works-Quality Assurance Equipment & Tools-Procurement of Auto Levelling Instruments.09-APR-2014
29 Circular No 17 Implementation of NRM Works Under IWMP-Execution of Recharge Structures for Dried Bore wells.18-MAR-2014
30 Circular No 170 Implementation of NRM Works Under IWMP - Permitting "Earthen Bunding" in IWMP Watersheds.22-FEB-2014
31 Circular No 170 Implementation of IWMP-Linking of IWMP field Functionaries salaries with performance at WCC and MWS level.17-FEB-2014
32 Circular No 148 Ensuring Quality of NRM Works-Constitution of Quality Assurance Teams for IWMP.02-JAN-2014
33 Social Audit of IWMP Guidelines for Social Audit of the Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP)18-OCT-2013
34 Circular No 93 Productivity Systems Improvement , LiveStock sector - instructions for implementation during 2013-14 Financial year.07-AUG-2013
35 Circular No 170 SLNA-HR Policy as part of Institution and Capacity building of IWMP staff and WCCs- Performance based incentives to field staff of IWMP.23-MAY-2013
36 Circular No.68 RD- IWMP – Promotion of Watershed Resource Persons (WRPs) as part of decentralized capacity building strategy under IWMP 13-MAY-2013
37 Circular No.95 IWMP – Entry Point Activities – Execution of RO plants through RWS department 01-MAY-2013
38 Circular No.95 Procurement of materials under EPA under IWMP04-MAR-2013
39 Circular No.10 RD-SLNA-Undertaking field visits to Watershed villages by Project Director along with Watershed staff 11-JAN-2013
40 Circular No 99 Extending the support to PoPs of IWMP villages in Dairy sector in convergence with LPD unit SERP guidelines communicated Reg02-AUG-2012
41 IWMP LH Circular Circular for Livelihood Promotion strategy for IWMP in convergence with SERP11-APR-2012
42 Circular No 140 Implementation of IWMP watershed projects_Execution of NRM works_Quality control_ Revised guidelines10-APR-2012
43 Circular No 3005 Providing forward linkages for milk production by establishing AMCUs under EP activities21-MAR-2012
44 Circular No:3005 RD - IWMP – Productivity Systems Improvement in AH sector - implementation of activities- certain instructions and clarifications on fund flow mechanism- issued -Reg.29-FEB-2012
45 Circular No:42 RD-SLNA- Review meeting of APD (CB), CD-CLRCs TOs (ICB) held on 31.01.2012 at AMR-APARD–Certain instructions–reg.22-FEB-2012
46 Circular No:3005 RD - IWMP – Productivity Enhancement in AH sector - implementation of individual based activities-guide lines on fund flow- issued Reg.23-JAN-2012
47 Circular No:152 IWMP – Implementation of EPA and PSI activities under IWMP– Certain instructions on grounding of interventions-issued - Reg.17-JAN-2012
48 Circular No 152 Implementation of Entry Point Activities under IWMP: Certain instructions on grounding of EPA interventions29-DEC-2011
49 Circular No:152 IWMP – Implementation of EPA/PSI activities under IWMP– Certain further instructions issued on grounding of interventions- Reg01-DEC-2011
50 Circular No.140 SLNA -IWMP -Implementation of IWMP watershed projects- Execution of NRM works- Quality control - Guidelines - Issued.27-OCT-2011
51 Circular No.3005 Productivity Enhancement in AH sector -guidelines for implementation issued.12-OCT-2011
52 Rc NO.152 SLNA-IWMP-Production Systems Improvement in IWMP watersheds CMSA- IWMP Convergence - Horticulture Kitchen Garden instructions issued - Reg.19-SEP-2011
53 Roc No.152 SLNA-IWMP-Production systems improvement in IWMP watersheds- Convergence with CMSA -Grounding of CMSA interventions - Instructions- issued- Reg30-AUG-2011
54 Circular No.152 SLNA-IWMP-Production systems improvements in IWMP watersheds-Convergence with CMSA release of funds to VO Accounts by PD, DWMA -guidelines issued.16-AUG-2011
55 Circular No.106 IWMP-Action plan and time frame for grounding of the IWMP 2011-12 Watershed Projects11-AUG-2011
56 Circular No.140 Dry Land Horticulture Plantation works in WCCs02-JUL-2011
57 Circular No.143(Telugu) Certain instructions Regarding Payments-issued.25-JUN-2011
58 Circular No.25 Unavailability of Watershed Assistants with desired qualifications in 2009-10 and 2010-11 IWMP watersheds. Relaxation Norms For Consideration21-JUN-2011
59 Circular No.42 Formation of WS Committees in 2010-1120-JUN-2011
60 Circular No.152 SLNA-IWMP-Production systems improvements in IWMP watersheds implemented by GO-PIAs in IWMP watersheds-guidelines issued.01-JUN-2011
61 Circular No.152 SLNA-IWMP-Production systems improvements in IWMP watersheds implemented by NGO-PIAs in IWMP watersheds-guidelines issued.01-JUN-2011
62 Circular No.57 SLNA-IWMP-Management and utilization of Watershed Development Fund through promotion of sustainable User groups in IWMP watersheds- guidelines issued10-MAY-2011
63 Circular No.152 SLNA-IWMP-Productivity Enhancement (PE) strategy for GO-PIAs in IWMP watersheds-guidelines issued01-MAY-2011
64 Circular No.42 RD-IWMP- Guidelines for Institution and Capacity Building (I and CB) strategy under Integrate Watershed Management Programme of Andhra Pradesh28-APR-2011
65 Circular No.152 Guidelines for initiating Entry Point Activities under IWMP20-APR-2011
66 Circular No.43 Circular instructions on the decisions taken during review meeting of Watershed Programme held on 29th March , 201106-APR-2011
67 Circular No.25 Positioning of Watershed Assistants at Village Watershed level21-MAR-2011
68 Circular No.140 Certain instructions Regarding Payments and Implementing-issued16-MAR-2011
69 Circular No.143(Telugu) IWMP Process guidelines for grounding of works01-MAR-2011
70 Circular No.25 IWMP-AP-Positioning of Watershed Assistants at Village Watershed level-guidelines issued-Reg27-JAN-2011
71 Circular No.110 Operational strategy for Watershed Works and Implementation process28-DEC-2010
72 Circular No.90 SLNA -CRD certain instructions w.r.t cadre strength under IWDP, DPAP, DDP districts and IWMP districts in the State 29-NOV-2010
73 Circular No.140 IWMP-MGRP -Ground water Recharge works- Certain modifications 04-NOV-2010
74 Circular No.2612 Processes and time frame for grounding of the IWMP 2010-1103-NOV-2010
75 Circular No.140 IWMP- PNP Data Entry - Clarifications03-NOV-2010
76 Circular No.140 IWMP- Data Entry of Works identified under DPRs of 2009-10 IWMP watersheds - Instructions issued01-NOV-2010
77 Circular No.90 CRD certain instructions w.r.t finacial matters issued on IWMP and other ongoing watershed programmes in the state01-OCT-2010
78 Circular No.220 Positioning of Project Officers30-SEP-2010
79 Circular No.141 RD-IWMP -Field Immersion of Project Officers, IWMP-Communication of schedule and guidelines- Issued 22-SEP-2010
80 Circular No.140 IWMP - Works strategy-Guidelines issued 20-SEP-2010
81 Circular No.110 Establishing Watershed Computer Centers (WCCs) ,Certain Guidelines , Issued17-SEP-2010
SnoFile NameSubject Release Date
1 Lr.No.04/PSI/Trails Letter on adoption of Efficient Irrigation System innovaiton under PSI12-MAR-2018
2 Lr. No.67/ICB/FiledVisit/2015 Provision of Vehicles to POs with certain limitations at WCC level19-MAY-2016
3 Letter No:09/SLNA/IWMP/HR 2015 IWMP-Redeployment of IWMP Staff under Batch 1 & 2-certain GuideLines Issued.15-JUN-2015
4 Letter No:157 RD-SLNA-AP DWMA-Kurnool Release of Addintional Funds Under IEC head 1,50,000 during 2014-1510-MAR-2015
5 Letter No:09/SLNA/IWMP/HR IWMP-Redeployment of IWMP Staff under Batch 1 & 2-certain GuideLines Issued.05-MAR-2015
6 Letter No:190 IWMP-Andhra pradesh-Provision of GSM CUG SIM Cards for the Functionaries20-JAN-2015
7 Letter No:176/IWMP/Convergence/2012 IWMP-Redeployment of IWMP Staff under Batch 1 & 2-certain GuideLines Issued.31-MAY-2014
8 Letter No 39 Communication of guidelines on Livelihood activities for Assetless families under LH component of IWMP through SERP for Batch-III (2011-12) Projects and allocation of 2nd spell funds of Batch-I & II Projects in IWMP areas Project and VO wise.25-APR-2014
9 Letter No 39 Livelihood Promotion strategy in IWMP watersheds – Communication of certain amendments in the guidelines of implementation of Livelihoods strategy to PoP families in other than SC/ST communities in IWMP areas.12-AUG-2013
10 Letter No.37 REEMAP-Implementation of RYK30-APR-2013
11 Letter No.176 Convergence strategy26-MAR-2013
12 Letter No.39 Transfer of Livelihood funds to MS by SERP under Jeevanopadulu12-MAR-2013
13 Letter No.185 PSI AH- Supply of Back Yard Poultry units to SC, ST and PoP families in IWMP villages’ representation to revise the unit cost 26-FEB-2013
14 Letter NoIWMP/PoP/SERP/12 letter on iwmp budget released25-FEB-2013
15 Letter No.3005 Support for Supply of Breeding Bucks under PSI23-FEB-2013
16 Letter No.39 Modifies process guidlines for Livelihood Component under IWMP18-FEB-2013
17 Letter No.3005 Animal Husbandry activities under EPA, PSI AH in IWMP villages Certain further guidelines issued on the basis of feedback from the field functionaries 31-DEC-2012
18 Letter No 140 Execution of NRM works_Inspection of SLNA Programme Officers_Quality Control Officers - Execution of Quality works Instructions20-JUN-2012
19 Letter No:168 RD-SLNA – Planting interventions in Watersheds-Instructions–Issued Reg.29-FEB-2012
20 Letter No:3005 Certain Non-negotiable and Essentials for implementing EPA AH Interventions communicated.04-JAN-2012
21 Letter No.165 IWMP - Habitation issues - system for proposing changes in IWMP software pertaining to habitations.01-JAN-2012
22 Letter No:140 SLNA–IWMP- Model Watersheds - Instructions issued- Reg.12-DEC-2011
23 Letter No.140 IWMP -NRM works - Afforestation project - Bund plantation work in other farmers field - instructions -issued.30-AUG-2011
24 RC No.152 SLNA-IWMP- Production Systems Improvement in IWMP watersheds - CMSA - IWMP Convergence - instructions issued29-JUL-2011
25 Letter No.36 Cancellation of the allotment of Kondapur Project of Regode (M) and Hasnabad project of Raikode (M) allotted under IWMP 2009-10 and 2010-11 batches to DDS NGO02-JUL-2011
26 Letter No.140 IWMP-NRM works-Afforestation project-Bund plantation work-instructions-issued 24-JUN-2011
27 Letter No.74 Fodder development and conservation-Implementation guidelines issued-submission of action plans- requested 24-JUN-2011
28 Letter No.140 Execution of NRM works using machinery in watersheds -Revision of machine rate to Rs 21.00 per Cum 20-JUN-2011
29 RC No.152 SLNA-IWMP-Production Systems Improvement in IWMP watersheds -CMSA -IWMP Convergence action plan 2011-12 - instructions issued10-JUN-2011
30 Letter No.140 IWMP- NRM Works-Adoption of revised RSSR for NRM works under IWMP and change of ceiling of maximum daily wage07-MAY-2011
31 Letter No.79 SLNA-Planting interventions-Action Plan for the year 2011-12 certain instructions issued.05-MAY-2011
32 Letter No.25 IWMP-Positioning of Technical Officers (I and CB)23-APR-2011
33 Letter No.140 General instructions for implementation 14-FEB-2011
34 Letter No.15 IWMP - 2010-11 batch of watersheds certain clarifications regarding implementation of project.01-JAN-2011
35 Letter No.36 Communication of revised MoU for execution between DWMA and NGO-PIAs09-NOV-2010
36 Letter No.110 Hardware and Software requirements for establishment of WCCs02-NOV-2010
37 Letter No.110 Implementing strategy for NGO-PIA - Establishing Watershed Computer Centers (WCCs-NGO) and Works strategy- Guidelines-Issued 06-SEP-2010
SnoFile NameSubject Release Date
1 Tender schedule of IWMP Annual calendars-2015 Designing, Printing & Supply of Annual Calendars under IWMP10-DEC-2014
2 Tender Schedule of IWMP Diaries-2015 Designing, Printing & Supply of Diary under IWMP10-DEC-2014
3 Tender for Printing of IWMP Diaries 2013 DESIGNING, PRINTING & SUPPLY OF IWMP DIARY – 2013 UNDER IWMP 26-DEC-2012
4 Tender for Printing of IWMP Calendars 2013 DESIGNING, PRINTING & SUPPLY OF IWMP CALENDARS – 2013 UNDER IWMP26-DEC-2012
5 Printing & Supply of Account Registers Tender Notification for PRINTING & SUPPLY OF ACCOUNT REGISTERS UNDER IWMP26-OCT-2012
6 Printing of Account Registers Printing & Supply of Account Registers under IWMP23-JUL-2012
SnoFile NameSubject Release Date
1 Proceedings NO.19 SLNA – IWMP – JE(WS) 07-MAY-2013
2 Proceedings NO.79 Sanction of projects under IWMP 2012-1304-MAR-2013
PPTs and Documents
SnoFile NameSubject Release Date
1 PPT Plantation PPT on Plantation21-MAY-2013
2 PPT QC PPT on QC21-MAY-2013
3 SPSP SPSP File17-MAY-2012