PPT's / Documents

SnoFile NameSubject Release Date
1 Features Document for Version Subsidy Type changes for PSI Claims,18-NOV-2015
2 Features Document for Version Inclusion of Vertical Silopits subhead under PSI component,Sectioning task rate updation to Rs. 22.29 for RCD ,RCW and subsurface dykes works29-SEP-2015
3 Features Document for Version Implementation of JobCard Updation for Horticulture Works,Survival Editing for Plantation Works,Allowing Watering, Watch and Ward Payments of Avenue Plantation works for missing months in PD Login,28-AUG-2015
4 Features Document for Version Deduction of Mobile Advance amount from Employee Salaries who availed Mobile phone under Own Your Mobile Schema,Conversion of machine mode works of farmpond and dugout pond having depth 3mts to manual mode.25-AUG-2015
5 Features Document for Version Conversion of machine & transport mode works of MPT,RPT,RMPT to Manual Code,EPA extension for Batch IV for payments and estimation generation upto 31st October 2015 22-JUL-2015
6 Features Document for Version Conversion of machine mode works of percolation pond to manual mode,Conversion of machine excavated tasks of Digging of peripheral trench with machine to manual mode10-JUL-2015
7 Features Document for Version Implementing wage hike rate from Rs.169 to Rs.180,Provision to make material payments to Nominee if Farmer is dead25-MAY-2015
8 WCC Online Version Fund type changed from IWMP to EGS for Repairs to WHS Works,EPA III Batch Extension upto 30/06/201519-MAY-2015
9 WCC Online Version Inclusion of Animal Husbandary while capturing Offline Release Entry,Provision for second CHC of Cotton Crop unit for Kondepi Project.14-MAY-2015
10 WCC Online Version Addition of new Designation Forest Convergence Assistant for 4 pilot projects and provision for salaries,Allowing only Manual mode for NRM works (Deployed on April 25th 2015)27-APR-2015
11 WCC Online Version Implementation of new work Raising of Horticulture plantation Seethaphal (Bund)Dryland,Mango (MIP,DryLand),Seethaphal(MIP,DryLand,Cashew(MIP,DryLand) 2015-16 for other farmers08-APR-2015
12 WCC Online Version Provision for monthly survival capture for Avenue Plantation Works,Blocking repairs to WHS works where NRM component expenditure is 80% or above26-MAR-2015
13 WCC Online Version Provision to create horticulture works for the farmers having land in one mandal and jobcard in other mandal.11-MAR-2015
14 WCC Online Version Implementation of New Work HortiCulture Plantation MIP,Dry Land(OilPalm,Seethaphalmund,Guava)03-MAR-2015
15 WCC Online Version Implementation of New Work MIP,Dry Land(Mango,Cashew,sapota,Guava,Jamun,SweetOrange,Tamarind)12-FEB-2015
16 WCC Online Version Implementation of New CSSR Rates for New Estimations and Existing of Earthen Bunding With Plantation, Seed Dibblibng .Implementation of new CSSR Rates for Existing and new Estimations of Works of Nadep Composite.10-DEC-2014
17 WCC Online Version Changes in task Quantity and Task rates of Block Plantation In Private Lands- Mulbar Neem(Melia Dubia Work). Revised Material Rates Updation for NRM WORKS such PT, MPT, FarmPond & DugOut pond Existing Works as well as for new Estimations21-NOV-2014
18 WCC Online Version Implementation of Arrear Payments From 1st April 2014 to 18th August.Implementation of Screen for Capturing Habitation wise Survival for the Horticulture Works.Nursery Estimations can be createdin Afforestation Project in All Districts.11-NOV-2014
19 WCC Online Version Implementation of New Estimates for Repairs To existing Percolation Tank,Check Dam, Check Wall Work with new CSSR Material Rates 04-NOV-2014
20 WCC Online Version Implementing 15 % of NRM Allocation Ceiling(MicrowatershedLevel) for Rock fill Dam and LBS Works.As Per Instructions from SLNA allowing to Generate Sanction Start Up Letter for Admin Approved Farm Pond Old Works.22-OCT-2014
21 WCC Online Version Implementation of New Works Raising of Agave Nursery Beds, 4x7 Size Bags Plants, 5x9 Size Bags Plants,8x12 Size Bags Plants at DWMA Level For Afforestation Project.01-OCT-2014
22 WCC Online Version Allowing multiple entries for the same farmer in Gabion SMC work.Pitting payments for horticulture 14-15 works will be stopped from August15th 2014 except for Nellore and Prakasam Districts05-AUG-2014
23 WCC Online Version Implementation of new work "Repairs to existing CheckDam,Check Wall" in GWRP project.Updation of task quantities for new "staggered trenches" work except name board task28-JUL-2014
24 WCC Online Version Plant transportation & Plant material cost rate changes for HPP 2014-15 works for Mango Dry Land, Mango MIP & Sapota MIP.Provision of FTO cancellation details screen to view the cancelled FTO details10-JUL-2014