R1.1 : Glance Reports

(a) At a Glance Report

R1.2 : Allocation and Achievement Report

(a) Batch (b) Component

R2: Work Reports

R2.1(A): NRM Category Wise Report R2.1(B): NRM Category Wise Report(ITDA) R2.2:NRM Works Detailed Report R2.3: Horticulture & Afforestation Reports R2.4: Assets Report (A)Assets Register Report (B)Assets Register PMKSY R2.5: Work Status Report Financial Year Wise R2.6: Panta Sanjeevani Report Financial Year Wise R2.7: Exploited Villages Expenditure Details Report(PMKSY)-With Physical and Selection of Financial Year R2.8: Preliminary Evaluation Report R2.9: Work wise GPS Coordinates and Photos Monitoring Report (formerly 16.8) R2.10: Watershed Treatment Map and Assets Register Payment Report R2.11: Staggered Trenches(Hillock Areas) Report R2.12: Mission Water Conservation Report(88 Blocks) (A): State Abstract (B)(1): Work Wise Abstract (B)(2): Work Wise Abstract proposed by APSAC (C): Mission Water Conservation Report(88 Blocks)-Existing R 2.13: Water Budget Report R2.14:Water Budget - WHS Report R2.15: SC Beneficiaries Report Under NRM, PSI and LH Components
(A):Activity Abstract (B):DistrictAbstract R2.16:Injection Well Report Financial YearWise R2.17: Works Closure Report R2.18:Machine Farm pond with Farm bund report R2.19:Weekly Action Plan Report R2.20:LabourWise Delay Analysis Report R2.21:Seigniorage Details Report R2.22:Workwise Expenditure Graphical Report R2.23:Batch Wise Allocation and Expenditure Graphical Report R2.24:WorkWise File ReportR2.25: Work Site Boards Report R2.26:Check Measurement and SuperCheck Measurement ReportR2.27:Outcome Indicators for WHS WorksR2.28:Monthly Action Plan Report R2.29:Measurement Book Report R2.30:EGS Convergence Report

R6: GP / Habitation wise Reports

R6.1: NRM Beneficiary details

R11: Livelihood Reports

R11.1: Livelihood Reports